Interoperation of Products within ECDIS

The next generation ECDIS, will consume multiple S-100 based products. The rules for interoperation and harmonized graphical presentations of data products will be contained in an interoperability catalogue, which is a kind of meta-product that describes how specified products are to be used and displayed simultaneously. The figure below shows those products that are being tested for interoperation within ECDIS.

Interoperation of Products within ECDIS

The video below provides information about the interoperation of S-100 based product data within an ECDIS.

The Draft Interoperability Catalaoge Specification (S-98) is available here

ECDIS Testbed Projects

The video below provides information about ECDIS Testbed Project conducted by the Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Agency (2017) that used test data based on the following Product Specifications:

  • S-101 Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC)
  • S-102 Bathymetric Surface,
  • S-104 Water Level Information for Surface Navigation
  • S-111 Surface Currents
  • S-112 Dynamic Water Level Data Transfer
  • S-124 Navigational Warnings
  • S-412 Weather Overlay

The S100 Test Bed Reporting Template for documenting test bed projects is available here


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