S-101 Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC)

Product Specification / S-101 Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC)

S-101 Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC)

S-101 Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC) Scope: The S-101 ENC Product Specification (PS) specifies the content, structure, data encoding and metadata required for compiling S-101 ENC data. The Specification also includes the portrayal requirements for use within an ECDIS. The S-101 PS will supersede the S-57 ENC PS.

S-101 Edition 1.0.0 (December 2018) (English)

S-101 Edition 1.0.0 has been released for implementation and testing purposes. The S-101 Edition 1.0.0 Feature and Portrayal Catalogues included are currently being refined and are expected to be completed in February 2019.

Additional Resources: S-101 Impact Study (2013)

Type Description/Link Edition/Date Comment
S-57 to S-101 Converter Version 2019
S-57 Removed and Remodelled Items October 2019
S-101 Value Added Roadmap April 2016

Responsible body: S-100WG / S-101PT (S-101 Project Team of the S-100 Working Group)